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Dry Film Imagers - Laser Printers

Sony FilmStation

Sony FilmStation


In today's health care environment, time, space and money are all scarce. That's why Sony has reinvented dry film imaging, to keep pace with new realities, including the need to output images faster. Increase your throughput to 130 prints an hour with two Film Stations and a Film Station Link Cable!

The Sony Film Station Dry Film Imager is the only imager of its kind to give you an installation choice of horizontal or vertical. Thanks to its compact size and vertical adaptability, this imager can be easily integrated into any radiology environment, particularly where space is at a premium. In fact, the Film Station unit is so compact that it can be placed on a desktop in a traditional x-ray viewing room or in an empty slot beneath a doctors desk.

With its flexible installation capability, seamless mobility, easy-to-read LCD front panel and simple-to-load film, the Film Station imager stands up to the competition in more ways than one.
Reliable Diagnostic Image Quality
Flexible design is only one of the enhanced features of the Film Station printer. As a result of high-resolution 320dpi thermal head technology, Film Station images are excellent in quality. 4,096 shades of gray contribute to the accuracy of every diagnosis, and a maximum density (D-Max) rating of greater than 3.2 produces outstanding contrast ratio and exceptional black levels. An automatic calibration feature delivers consistent image quality. Manual access to full calibration functions via the front panel controls adds user flexibility. These innovative features, plus a combination of default-fixed and user-programmable gamma settings, provide precise, diagnostic image output.

A Winning Combination of Features
By combining a newly developed print head with Sony's new blue thermal film (model UPT-517BL), the Film Station unit offers an elevated level of image quality that was virtually impossible to achieve on a thermal printer until now. Sony-engineered UPT-517BL thermal film media was specifically designed for use with the Film Station printer. This newly formulized 14x17 film maintains a careful balance of transparency and density to reproduce precise and stable diagnostic images. And with edge-to-edge printing, the Film Station imager maximizes the entire film surface for the most complete image coverage. An added feature called full-time head protection positions the Film Station imager's print head in a park mode when idle, a feature that is ideal for mobile applications. PLUS - Film Station can hold up to 1,112 images with it's 7 gigabyte HD for image spooling ( 1,112 films of 12 up (512x512) 667 films of 20 Up (512x512)

The Finishing Touch: Built-in Dicom Compatibility
The Film Station imager was designed with a built-in Dicom 3.0 interface that can be accessed using a Windows® laptop with an internet browser, making installation fast and simple. This interface also features an e-mail notification system that can automatically send out an e-mail when the Film Station unit has a technical problem.


Sony FilmStation Dual-Tray Film Imager


Sony is pleased to introduce the next generation FilmStation, the UP-DF550 Dual-Tray Film Imager. This new addition to the FilmStation family is a unique imager built on the design platform of the UP-DF500 FilmStation Imager. The Dual-Tray Film Imager incorporates many of the same features of the UP-DF500 and adds a second output tray to accommodate multiple film sizes including 8x10, 10x12, 11x14 and 14x17. This added feature gives the user a built-in capability to produce film prints for a variety of modalities, as well as low-cost copies (ideal for patient referrals). The UP-DF550 can be mounted horizontally or vertically, which is a major advantage over large centralized film imagers. The UP-DF550 Dual-Tray Film Imager is an ideal choice for many modalities, including CT, MR,DR and CR.




The DRYPRO 832 Laser Imager


Konica DryPro

The DRYPRO 832 is the perfect dry film imager to complement your imaging department and your transition to digital. With superior image quality, versatility, performance, and a compact design, the DRYPRO 832 meets the demanding hardcopy requirements of today's evolving, efficiency-driven imaging departments.

Why is the DRYPRO 832 Dry Laser Imager your digital productivity tool?

Because now you can get faster print throughput even in a lower print volume environment... now you can get laser technology in a smaller footprint... and now you can get flexible configurations that are easy to use. The result: lower cost of ownership while incorporating the most advanced technology.

With our new technology, you also get Konica Minolta's industry leading reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Let the DRYPRO 832 be your digital productivity tool and deliver effortless, cost-effective images.

Advanced Features:

  • 50 second time to first print - fastest in the industry
  • Small table-top design - less than two feet by two feet
  • 90 sheets per hour throughput - enough bandwidth for most imaging environments
  • Laser technology - stable, consistent, and high resolution - 78.6 micron pixel
  • One or two film trays
  • Five film sizes - 14" x 17", 14" x 14", 11" x 14", 10"x12", and 8" x 10"

50 Seconds...
Why Wait for Your Films?

Five film sizes are available- 14 x 17 in,, 14 x 14 in., 11 x 14 in., 10x12 in,, and 8 x 10 in., and by installing an additional supply unit (optional), two trays can be used to offer two film sizes at the same time.

An external print server (aka PrintlinkV), included with the imager, efficiently processes and queues DICOM print requests. Additionally, our Printlink III solutions receive images from legacy, non-DICOM modalities (digital or video) and output images via DICOM. And by supporting gigabit network speeds, the system handles multiple images very efficiently, maximizing productivity.

The DRYPRO 832 is very user friendly. It is easy to use, warms up quickly, and is very quiet. Film loading and routine care are simply performed by the user through easy access panels.

A clearly visible status light changes color to indicate "Ready", "Printing", and "Film Empty" conditions. This way you can recognize the system status from a distance.

The world's smallest medical laser imager utilizes advanced technology to maximize reliability without sacrificing performance.

  • A linear heating system (no more heat drum) enhances durability and stability while saving space,
  • A semiconductor laser and precision optics are merged to produce 78.6 urn pixel size resulting in sharp, high-definition films.
  • Shorter film path - minimizes the time to print - only 50 seconds!
Dry Laser Film For The DRYPRO 832

Konica Minolta's Silver Dry Process films are designed specially for use with the DRYPRO 832. Halation prevention technology uses new materials for sharper, clearer images with high maximum density and optimized contrast characteristics. A new complex micro emulsion consisting of photosensitive silver halide and photosensitive organic silver achieves ideal dry processing. Konica Minolta's dry laser films are available in tinted (SD-Q) and clear base (SD-QC). The film is daylight-packaged and comes 125 sheets per box.



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