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Why Brandywine Imaging?

Brandywine Imaging offers a diverse selection of equipment, services, and consumables. We offer equipement and consumables based on our customers needs, not our own. We have no exclusive ties to any one dealer or have salesman that work on commission. Our service, in conjunction with sales, is based on how we can best help our customers fill their needs.



3Disc Fire CR

NEW 2011


Fire CR


Veterinary practices have a new option to meet their needs for an affordable,

compact CR reader that offers unmatched flexibility—the FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner.

The FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner performs equally well in busy veterinary clinics

scanning images of household pets as it does when transported to a stable, ranch,

or zoo for examinations of large animals. Short on space? No problem—the

compact, lightweight FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner can be wall-mounted.

Need portability? The FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner—with its autocalibration

technology—consistently delivers high-quality images even when wheeled around

a clinic or transported in a van to image large animals on-site. The FireCR Veterinary

CR Scanner is a durable, highly versatile system designed to efficiently handle the

unique needs of today’s veterinary practices. It is available in several models,

which can be upgraded in the field to meet changing needs:*

  • FireCR Veterinary – 80 CR Scanner—for horse examinations, which require numerous x-rays
  • FireCR Veterinary – 60 CR Scanner—for veterinary hospitals and busy clinics
  • FireCR Veterinary – 40 CR Scanner—for small-animal veterinary clinics
  • FireCR Veterinary – 20 CR Scanner—for lower-volume small animal veterinary clinics

* Information located on 3Disc Website