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Why Brandywine Imaging?

Brandywine Imaging offers a diverse selection of equipment, services, and consumables. We offer equipement and consumables based on our customers needs, not our own. We have no exclusive ties to any one dealer or have salesman that work on commission. Our service, in conjunction with sales, is based on how we can best help our customers fill their needs.



Equipment Installations


- Remove entire imaging center (general x-ray suite

w/Ceiling Mounted Tube, mammography suite, bone density

suite, ultrasound and office equipment/supplies) starting on

a Friday afternoon. Project to be complete by Sunday

morning - less than 2 days

- Store equipment (for several months) and reinstall

equipment after construction was complete

- Install new Tube Stand

- Supply accessories needed for MRI, CT, and General X-ray


Installation General X-ray Room

Room Components Installed in New Facilty



New Tube Stand

New Tube Stand Installed


Control Room w/CR Equipment

Control Room w/CR Equipment


Bone Density

Unit Dismantled and Reassembled at New Facility


Biodex Table

Ultrasound Equipment Delivered, New Biodex Table Installed

Project Complete October 2008!





Project - December 2008

- Install Radlink CR System for general use and for the mobile

capabilities it provides. Back-up system for multiple sites



Radlink CR Pro 2200 Installed December 2008!


Installed CR unit for use as back-up system for multiple sites,

podiatry applications and for wheelchair bound patients.

The Radlink CR Pro 2200 is a complete system with its own

internal PACS system. Self-contained storage for 15,000 to

20,000 images and the ability to send for off-site storage

for larger capacities. Internal back-up (2 hard drives) and

viewing software included.




Project - December 2008

- Replace X-ray room components. Project to be performed

between Christmas and New Years at customer request


Prior Equipment

Prior Equipment

Equipment to be replaced between Christmas and New Years.


New Table and Floor Mounted Tubestand

New Universal Table & Tubestand


Floor Mounted Tubestand

New Wall Bucky

New Tubestand & Wall Bucky After Installation


Project Complete 1/2/09




Project - On Going, Will Be Complete Soon, 2009 Launch!

- On Line Catalog for X-ray film, equipment and supplies


(link)>>>>> is up and running! Currently

offering X-ray film, folders and a few select items. We will

be adding more equipment and supplies over the course of



Project - Architectural drawings to be supplied for new

construction project. Exsiting X-ray Room will be

de-installed, moved to new location, re-installed and


January 2009 - On Going Project



New Facility Install New Location


Install New Facility Removed Equipment from original

location and installed at new facility.


Konica Regius 110 Installation - Installed Unit 6/22/09 -

Currently Running Apllications w/Staff - Images Coming



Konica Equipment

Former Darkroom

Darkroom turned into a technologist office/work area


Konica Equipment

Single Bay Reader w/60 plate hr output.


Reading Room

On-Site Reading Room - Images are also sent to an off-site radiology group


Relocate X-ray equipment to new facility - perform move

and have equipment available for inspection within 2 days.

COMPLETE September 2009


Chest Stand


Equipment moved from old location and installed in new building.

Chiropratic Unit



Remove Equipment Veterinary - X-ray Unit/Processor to

New Building for Installation

October 2009


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