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Why Brandywine Imaging?

Brandywine Imaging offers a diverse selection of equipment, services, and consumables. We offer equipement and consumables based on our customers needs, not our own. We have no exclusive ties to any one dealer or have salesman that work on commission. Our service, in conjunction with sales, is based on how we can best help our customers fill their needs.



Maryland X-ray Service, NJ

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Brandywine Imaging, Inc. was

estabished in 1980 to provide

a responsive and dependable service

and a source for consumables to satisfy

our customers' needs; a dependable

source of livelihood for our employees

and to contribute to the stability and

well being of the community in which we

are located.


Ronald H. Laird

President, Brandywine Imaging, Inc.


We have been serving the North East Maryland region for over 30 years. Let us know what you need, as far as equipment or service, and if we cannot help we will do our best to find someone that can. We are in an association of 30+ companies that can help you.


Reference list is available upon request, thank you.




Equipment Emergency Service

* Equipment Storage (Over 10000 SQ ft. of storage space available)

* Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PM's)

* Room Planning and Drawings

* Sales Consultation on Equipment Products

* Wide Selection of Equipment (New and Used)

* Parts (New and Used)


X-Ray Film Processors and Multiloaders

* Equipment Emergency Service

* Preventative Maintance (PM's)

* Wide Selection of Equipement (New and Used)

* Parts (New and Used)


X-ray Equipment

* Service available for Most Major Manufacturers

* Digital & CR Systems Service, Contact Us With Type of Equipment


Chiropractic Table Service

* Equipment Emergency Service

* Parts


Accessories and Supplies

* X-ray Film, Developer, Fixer

* X-ray Related Accessories





Live Customer Care Center

Monday to Friday   8:00am to 4:30am (EST)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays please leave a message.  A customer representative will contact you within 24 hours of the first business day.






Send your inquiries to:

  • Brandywine Imaging, Inc.
  • Attention: Customer Care Center
  • 2 Brown Lane
  • Lincoln University, PA.
  • 19352