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The TITAN FMT allows you the flexibility to get exactly what you need in
your private practice facility or outpatient clinic.

Digital System

Cost Effective
Extensive, Smooth
Longitudinal and
Transverse Travel
Complete Radiographic
The ideal choice for a complete range of routine radiographic
procedures. The TITAN FMT requires only a low profile,
floor-mounted rail for support which eliminates the need for
costly structural modifications.







Fluoroscopy Fluoroscopy



Digital R/F acquisition system

DIVA-D is a new digital acquisition system designed to offer the highest performance in Radiographic/Fluoroscopic and Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) applications. The highly sensitive CCD camera with a resolution of 1024x1024 pixel and a Analog-to-Digital conversion depth of 12 bits provides outstanding image quality for every digital R/F application.


DIVA-D has been designed with the aim to maximize the integration with Villa tables and generators to ensure the best image quality with minimum effort in every condition. Dedicated programs for each application, including Digital Tomography, can be selected to optimize the entire imaging chain from exposure parameters to image processing algorithms, allowing you to concentrate on your patient, rather than on the equipment.



DIVA-D guarantees full connectivity to PACS networks thanks to the integrated Dicom interface that enables you to send images to laser printers and provides connection to image reviewing stations or to archival units for long term archival. Local CD storage is also possible for immediate image storage. The WorkList class provides additional integration with the hospital HIS/RIS system for direct transfer of patient data to the acquisition station.









Brandywine Imaging, in association with several companies, has forged a nationwide sales & service network. Our association has c-arm products in over 40 states!


KMC-950 Surgical C-arm (9" image intensifier)


KMC-950 Pricing/Questions>>>>>>>>> KMC-950

KMC-950 C-arm mobile systems are integrated with triple field 9" image intensifier tube, CCD digital camera and rotating anode X-ray tube for R/F application. The C-arm x-ray generator is designed with state-of the-art-microprocessor control and touch sensitive panel makes easy of operation and visualization on the large LCD window.

The compact size, correct distribution of lighter weight C-arm and the large diameter of the wheels and steering handle allows for easy maneuverability, quick positioning and the necessary flexibilty to perform a wide range of R/F procedures, meeting the needs of all medical healthcare facilities. KMC-950 C-arm is utilized in an inpatient or outpatient care clinics and hospital for surgical, orthopedic, urology, angiography, trauma and pain management procedures.

* 1K Camera Available!





MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CR Systems ( Computerized Radiography )


The ImagePilot CR System is a new generation CR

System that dramatically simplifies CR image acquisition to a push of a button. This is possible with AutoPilot Image Processing, which automates the image optimization process with universal algorithm independent of body site information. 

In addition, ImagePilot pioneers the true meaning of an integrated CR system, as it combines CR acquisition, patient registration, image viewing and storage in one easy to use and maintain system.

• Superior image quality
• User operated cassette release handle to remove jams
• Optical unit sweeper enables self maintenance for pristine
image quality and extends product lifetime
• Uses unique linear motor technology with less moving
mechanisms for reliability and longer life.


Konica Nano - Private Practice Solutions


konica IQ Regious Nano


The Konica Regious Nano is the perfect solution for small private practice, large orthopedic practices, and hospitals.




Konica Nano Information >>>>>>>>



Radlink CR-PRO

cr pro

  • CR Pro Advanced CR for Accuracy and Productivity
  • Advanced Image Plate Handling Technology
  • Consistent Image Accuracy
  • Complete System
  • System Mobility



The CR Pro is a high-productivity, small footprint, 16 bit CR system designed for all primary diagnostic radiology applications. The CR Pro is fully automatic and accepts a variety of cassette sizes. The 16 bit sealed fiber-optic laser technology of the CR Pro consistently provides excellent image quality, with minimal need for field service. The CR Pro cost-of-ownership is superior to its competitors products in the marketplace.


The CR Pro includes an embedded CPU for image acquisition and QC functions, DICOM print, modality image routing, worklist, local archive (250GB), CD burner and flat panel display. The installation and application training by your local dealer can be done in one day. The solution is simple and will fit into any workflow environment - whether stand alone, PACS or Teleradiology.


  • Internal or External Pro Imaging Archive System (PACS).
  • Internal or External Pro Imaging Physician Consultation Viewer Software.
  • Medical-grade touch-screen monitor
  • Diagnostic-grade monitors
  • Extended Warranties
  • Side-mounted cassette holder
  • Cassette holders
  • Scanning solutions
  • Printing solutions



For more information on the Radlink system please use link below.


Radlink CR Pro Information/Brochure >>>>>>>


Do you know the basics of CR? Click link for a basic description. >>>>> How CR Works