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MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Conventional / Analog X-ray Systems



X-ray Room

Conventional X-Ray



ARS X-Ray System

A thoughtful design that allows you to focus on your patients, not your equipment

Simplicity. So simple, you won't even need the user's manual. Controls have been arranged to work the way you think.

One-handed operation. ARS is designed to maximize your efficiency with one-handed operation of the table Bucky, table controls and wall receptor. Plus totally hands-free table elevation.

More user oriented. Extensive clinical input has yielded innovative features like the curved table front and the unique, slanted foot treadle design that reduce accidental activations. Del Medical Equipment

Continuing the ARS -Tough tradition of ruggedness, protection and precision.

Ruggedness. EV650 takes radiographic systems to new levels of durability with its 295kg (650 lb) patient weight capacity and special high strength, impact-resistant table facade.

Protection. You'll like the standard integral collision sensors, fail-safe table and ceiling tubemount locks and recessed, slanted foot treadles that reduce accidents.

Precision. Accuracy is easy with advanced electronic collimation, superspeed Bucky for grid line-free radiographs, laser light positioning.
Del Medical Equipment
Meeting your requirements with all the right features.

Whether ambulatory or non-ambulatory, emergency, orthopedic, pediatric or anything else, ARS allows you the flexibility to get exactly what you need.

Generators. Choose among the latest in high frequency generators including 30, 40, 50, 65 or 80kW.

Tubemounts. ARS can be configured with a ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted X-ray tube to meet your particular clinical, architectural and/or budgetary requirements. Even a specialized chest/uprights room configuration is available.

Wall receptors. ARS lets you decide what's exactly right for you with a choice among several different kinds of wall receptors.

Accessories. ARS's optional accessories will help you meet your needs. These can include compression band, lateral cassette holder, shoulder/head restraints and a very innovative, adjustable top-mounted grip for your wall Bucky.

Del Medical Equipment

Built for today and countless tomorrows, ARS will keep paying maximum dividends years from now.

Digital upgradeability. ARS is fully upgradeable to accomodate digital flat panel technology DR or computed radiography CR, extending system life and increasing return on investment.

Tough. Like all of our products, ARS carries the tradition of high quality, rugged and precise X-ray systems.

Best practices today. Tough modular equipment ensures fast installation and efficient use of space, and every system meets the worldwide requirements




Additional Systems Available:


  • Control X


CHIROPRACTIC EQUIPMENT Conventional / Analog X-ray Systems



Upright Raymaster

Upright Raymaster


Our Raymaster Chiropractic System combines economy and flexibility to provide a wide range of diagnostic procedures at an affordable price.

  • Flexible mounting of the Raymaster tubestand column allows for floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall mount interchangeability, for easier, quicker installation.

  • The Raymaster system accommodates a full range of views and patient heights with smooth, effortless vertical tube travel from 141/2” to 691/2”.

  • Heavy-gauge welded steel structures provide a sturdy, long-lasting system that will provide many years of reliable use.