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The Complete Digital Imaging PACS Solutions!

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Pacs system - Ultra RAD


UltraGATEWAY Gateway

Product Highlights

  • Expand and enhance the capabilities of your imaging devices
    UltraGATEWAY enables the seamless acquisition, compression of files with user selectable lossless or lossy JPEG/JPEG 2000, and logical routing capability to remote devices.
  • Security and Peace of Mind
    UltraGATEWAY conveniently and securely manages all patient data and distributes them accurately with automatic retry, automatic error recovery and automatic notification of compression and transmission status.
  • Logical, Robust & Immediate Transmission
    Image transmission occurs immediately to one or multiple destinations based upon customer defined workflow requirements. Images and information is sent where it is needed when it is needed.


The Next Generation of DICOM Image Routing!

UltraGATEWAY is a highly configurable router which distributes images and information across point-to-point connections within the facility as well as any remote location for diagnostic or consultation purposes. The flexible software is used widely in the market today with key features every organization needs for clean, efficient and effective workflow.  

UltraGATEWAY Features

Interoperability between disparate devices

Today’s healthcare environment demands that organizations ensure their modalities integrate with PACS and other established patient information systems. However, with the explosive growth of the healthcare image and information market today, it is nearly impossible to guarantee connectivity to all providers. UltraGATEWAY removes the burden of this integration challenge from the facility by providing the bridge between their PACS and information systems.


UltraGATEWAY has been built to compress acquired data. Most modalities do not effectively compress data and typically output their information in a less then efficient manner - for example; sending images in single associations, which can add considerable time to the transmission and ultimately the review of the images and studies. UltraGATEWAY easily addresses this issue. Additionally, UltraGATEWAY is designed to handle varying speed networks by adapting to various network conditions.

Repair DICOM

There are countless DICOM tags in the DICOM standard. Should the modality not handle 1 or more tags that are necessary or required by the PACS system, UltraGATEWAY will automatically add these tags to studies before forwarding. This is accomplished by applying rules, or static mapping of various tags as well as complex scripts.

Quality Control

QC allows the user to manually modify DICOM fields before sending to PACS. With advanced options QC can integrate with a DICOM Modality Worklist to perform QC on demographic data prior to being sent to PACS. The DMWL can also be used to add DICOM tags not recognized by the modality. In addition, the Web QC module allows the user to split and merge studies, series by body part, echo time or delete images.


UltraGATEWAY gives you the flexibility to send data utilizing user selectable compression, encryption, or both. In addition, images can also be sent via email.



UltraARCHIVE Archive

Product Highlights

  • Windows Based DICOM Archive
  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server
  • Support integration with DAS, NAS, SAN, or HSM backend for data storage and management
  • Easy installation and Configuration
  • Integrated Backup Feature
  • Provides ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) for your DICOM Storage Needs

UltraARCHIVE provides the ultimate archiving solution designed to manage the storage of DICOM information for any hospital and imaging center regardless of size.

UltraARCHIVE delivers exceptional speed, quality, security, simplicity, flexibility, redundancy, and scalability. Start small, and easily expand as your practice grows! 

A comprehensive Web Based management tool allows administrators to access and manage Archive patient information. Specifically sites can modify and correct DICOM information and update configuration of the archive.

Add on Features include:

  • JPEG2000 compression
    • Image coding system using state-of-the-art compression techniques.  Provides an average of 3:1 lossless compression on DICOM studies
  • DICOM Query Spanning and Move Forwarding Module
    • Allows UltraARCHIVE to be the single DICOM Q/R source for multiple DICOM Archives
  • Virtual Archive Repository Module
    • Ability to better manage shared or segregated storage resources
  • Backup Module
    • An automated process that generates copy of DICOM storage and configuration information for recovery purposes


UltraBURN Burn

Key Features

  • Automated CD-DVD Generation
  • Reliable. Modular. Upgradeable.
  • Web Interface for ease of use
  • Simple Shelf Managed Archiving
  • Print custom labels directly on media
  • DICOM Part 10 compliant
  • Easy installation, Configuration, and usage


UltraAUDIT Audit

Key Features

  • Facilitates HIPAA Compliance
  • Easy installation and Configuration
  • Provides comprehensive and powerful report generation
  • Modular system allows easy growth


UltraWEB Web

Product Highlights

  • UltraWEB allows Image access in seconds
    UltraWEB streaming technology eliminates lengthy download time by rendering key elements of the image first, then progressively adding image details until the full data set has presented.
  • Easy to Use
    -Flexible user GUI
    -Customizable hanging protocols
    -Easy system setup and configuration
  • Advanced Functionality
    -Volume Rendering 3D, MIP and MPR
    -Orthopedic Measurements and Templating
  • Cost Effective
    UltraWEB's standard solution easily integrates with your existing DICOM 3.0 Modalities/Archive..
  • Internet-based, remote access enabling image access via easy to use, configurable user preferences
  • Security authenticates users and logs activities
  • Adaptive wavelet image compression facilitates high performance display
  • Report and image access delivers the appropriate information to the relevant location
  • Centralized deployment and user profile management makes simple administration possible


UltraVIEW View

Product Highlights

  • Scalable and Intuitive GUI

  • Comprehensive Workflow

  • Advanced Orthopedic tools and overlay templates

  • Full suite of Advanced Visualization Tools

  • Customizable Hanging Protocol

UltraBROKER Broker

Product Highlights

  • Scalable packaging allows for a cost effective solution
  • Multiple HL-7 input and output routing
  • Provides proven MPPS and DMWL support
  • Enables consistent patient demographics from HIS/RIS to PACS



Advanced PACS Solutions




Ultra3D 3D

Product Highlights

  • Advanced 3D and 2D visualization at superior speeds
  • Intuitive user interface for advanced visualization
  • Reliable. Modular. Upgradeable.
  • Fully DICOM compliant workstation
  • Easy installation, Configuration, and usage.

UltraVET Vet

Key Features

  • Intuitive Web Based user interface

  • Advanced Diagnostic Measurement tools

  • Digital templates and overlays available

  • Reliable. Modular. Upgradeable.

  • Fully DICOM compliant web based solution

  • Easy installation, Configuration, and usage

  • Provides complete PACS solution for your veterinary practice

UltraORTHO Ortho

Key Features

  • Advanced Orthopedic Measurement tools

  • Digital templates and overlays

  • Intuitive user interface for advanced visualization

  • Reliable. Modular. Upgradeable.

  • Fully DICOM compliant web based solution

  • Easy installation, Configuration, and usage

  • Provides complete PACS solution for your orthopedic needs


UltraMAMMO Mammo


Easing your transition to digital mammography, UltraMAMMO helps to reduce expenses by increasing efficiency and decreasing turnaround times.

UltraMAMMO is specifically designed to accelerate productivity in breast imaging by minimizing the cost, inefficiency, training and hassle of moving to digital mammography. 

Current Features

Improved full-resolution viewing

Our functionality provides a fluid, step-through method enabling the radiologist to move from section to section in full resolution to ensure complete review of the entire image.

Optimized screen image viewport by reducing background clutter and isolating the breast image.

UltraMAMMO offers new algorithm-driven isolation of the breast image, fitting it to the display.

Radiologists immediately see the image at maximum size and avoid the distraction of having to manipulate images.

Improved inverted imaging

Some radiologists use inversion technique when reading images, converting black to white and white to black.

UltraMAMMO has a new feature that enables conversion of white (the breast image) to black, while maintaining background (non breast image) as black.

This enhances the radiologist’s ability to isolate potential problem areas by more effectively when inverting images.