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Why Brandywine Imaging?

Brandywine Imaging offers a diverse selection of equipment, services, and consumables. We offer equipement and consumables based on our customers needs, not our own. We have no exclusive ties to any one dealer or have salesman that work on commission. Our service, in conjunction with sales, is based on how we can best help our customers fill their needs.



Podiatry X-ray Systems

The SimonDR DRP

Digital Podiatry


The SimonDR DRP system is a premium direct radiogrpahy(DR) x–ray system designed specifically for podiatric medicine. The easy to use system is powered by WhiteCap Image viewing and processing software which results in quality imaging in 8 seconds



We have always been committed to retaining the technological edge over our competition and we keep this edge by bringing you our podiatry system. Combined with our software, WhiteCap‚ we stand light years in front of the competition.

    Podiatry Features

  • High-resolution CCD based direct
    digital x-ray system
  • 5+ line pairs per millimeter
  • USB 2.0 compliant connection
  • Integrated WhiteCap acquisition and viewing software
  • 2 year receptor warranty
  • Standard 5 year orthoposer warranty
  • 20MP sensor
  • Extended warranty available for up to ten years

    Digital Features

  • 1-click images display within 5 seconds
  • USB 2.0 compliant connections
  • Online data backup included for 90 days
  • Storage for over 100‚000 images
  • Redundant terabyte harddrives for immediate local data backup


    Practice Management Integration

  • Automatically populate demographics-eliminate double
    data entry through modality worklist QR
  • Automatically feed images back into the practice management system
  • Image distribution without PACS saving thousands
  • Integration through DICOM/jpeg import with
    many EMR systems
  • Speed Radiograph acquisition
  • Speed invoicing

    Podiatry Integration

  • Retrofits to XCEL x–ray systems or all new system
  • Set-it-and-forget-it‚ 1 single x–ray exposure setting for every exam
  • PACS Integration

  • WhiteCap software can take the place of PACS saving many thousands of dollars
  • In a PACS environment WhiteCap software auto–routs to PACS
  • Modality worklist query and retrieve speeds
    data entry






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